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Céad  Míle  Fáilte!   Welcome!

This website highlights music played at Sunday afternoon sessions held at the Irish American Home Society in Glastonbury Connecticut. There are a number of other sessions in the state besides ours, and although we do play a lot of the same tunes as other sessions this site focuses specifically on the stuff we've been playing at ours.

Ours is an open session - anyone who has some familiarity with Irish traditional music is welcome to come. Anyone not at a level to keep up with the pace of the tunes should attend the monthly slow session and then work up to playing at the regular session.

We are grateful to Eddie Burke and Tom Walsh, who led the sessions for many years, for introducing us to many of the tunes we still play today. Although we've got a lot of Eddie and Tom's tunes there are many more we haven't yet learned, and you'll find a link to the Eddie Burke Tune Book in our resources section. Tom Walsh also introduced us to the Paddy O’Brien collection, and we're gradually adding more tunes from both these books to our regular repertoir.


Sunday, 1-28-2018
No session this week :(
Glastonbury next Sunday.


The 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month we will meet in the downstairs pub of the Glastonbury Irish American Home Society.


The 3rd Sunday of each month there will be a slow session from 3:00 to 4:00 before the regular session at the Glastonbury IAHS

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